at the Clarion Hotel
Blasdell, NY

The Gang
Left to right: Mark Wright; Yours Truly;
Dom & Lynda Durocher; Pete Malaguti
Not shown but present at the show: my 
wife, Kwang Cha; and John Braungart
The Venue

Space Models
Left side of the Space 
Models table - Pete's 
Right side of the table - 
Mark's models and my 
single entry
Overview of the Real 
Space & Sci-fi table

Pete's Entries

1st Place
Gemini IX
with Cernan 
figure & AMU
Gemini ATDA Hubble Space 
2nd Place
Cutaway LM
Pete's 1st Place Apollo 12 Diorama

Mark's Entries
3rd Place Shenzhou 5 Voskhod 2 Vostok Mercury
Liberty Bell 7
Friendship 7
Freedom 7
My Entries
Atlas-Agena In Sci-fi
"Huey" aka No. 1
from the movie
"Silent Running"

Other models I liked:
The Sci-fi table X-1A, nicely done A Fabulous Japanese Battleship
Detail of Nagato's
super structure 
"Victors and Vanquished" Sea Witch Star Fury
A really awesome 
Frankenstein monster
Loved the weathering on 
this '57 Chevy
A large assortment of 
Starships, fer shur!
Anime "Space Battleship 
Yamato" (Yeah, I looked it up)
A Blap! Models "Nomad"

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