Some (Old) Models
Here's some examples of the kind of stuff I've built in the past.   A huge closet full of models awaits my attention.  Better techniques, materials, and tools will make for much better models in the future, for sure!
Above left 2 photos: Rho Models Energiya-Buran
Right 2 photos:  Eagle's Talon Gemini-Titan
Above left:  EVA Models Apollo EMU figure
Center:  Revell Saturn V
Right: Monogram Space Shuttle

Here's some of my latest efforts.  Above: The Pioneer 10/11 model from Realspace Models.
Above:  The Voyager, also from Realspace Models.  At left, shown displayed proudly next to the Pioneer 10/11.
Above:  New Ware Models Zond Soviet manned circumlunar spacecraft, 1/48 scale.
This was a really fun and easy kit to build, and the results were fabulous.  This was the first model I painted using my new Iwata airbrush, which I am thoroughly in love with!

Here's a cruise missile I built shortly after I bought my new airbrush for Christmas last year. I wanted to use it to get the feel for the airbrush, and I was pretty pleased with the results.

Chinese CZ-2F Manned Launch Vehicle by Dragon Models

Above: 9 models/parts on one bench:
(1)  New Horizons, still in the box from it's trip to Noreastcon; (2)  RealSpace Models' Vking lander;
(3)  RealSpace Models' Pioneer 10/11; (4)  CZ-2F; (5)  RealSpace Models' N-1 1st stage;
(6)  Revell Saturn V 1st & 2nd stage stack ; (7)  RealSpace Models' N-1 3rd stage;
(8)  New Ware Models' Zond, and; (9)  RealSpace Models' Voyager

Latest Work
Here's my rendering of the WILCO Models Maintenance Drone kit in 1/4 scale,
from the movie "Silent Running"
The first 3 photos are "in progress" shots, the last 3 are the finished model.  I chose to depict Drone #1 aka "Dewey", as he played a special
role in the film.  I used a base from a Star Wars
kit and jazzed it up with some extra greeblies and foil, etc.
I built the kit "out of the box", except I scratch built the end effector on the arm,  I painted the big number 1 on the back
(instead of using the decal from the kit), I made my own lens for the utility light, and I scratch built the
pneumatic tubes that run to the legs.  I also drilled out the legs and ran brass tubing up inside them to connect
them to the body and the base, otherwise there's no way this top heavy model could've stood up in 1 G.

You can also see a couple of my models on Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson's fabulous space modeling web site:
Lunar Models Lunar Roving Vehicle
Monogram Lunar Module (Apollo 17 "Challenger")
with a busted antenna!

On The Bench
Here's a few shots of the Revell 1/96 Saturn V I'm working on.  I'm adding the RealSpace Models Foil Bat F-1 engines and CSM, and the NewWare models Saturn V upgrade set and decals.  I have a 2nd Revell Saturn V waiting in the wings for when this is completed, and I plan to use all of these same upgrades, plus the Rick Sternbach decals.  The 4th photo shows my first effort using ALCLAD paint, on the RealSpace CSM.
Finally, the BIG PROJECT - a scratch built New Horizons unmanned Pluto spacecraft, in 1/24 scale, which I hope to have ready for the IPMS Nats this year.  (UPDATE: It wasn't!)  This project involved a huge investment in time, and a substatntial investment in money.  It was a real learning experience, with my first vacform and lathe turned parts.  You can see the final result here.

Just for fun - since I brought up the subject of what's on the bench - here's the bench!
I remodeled my basement garage into a shop & den.  The 2 photos above on the left and center are where I build my models.  On the right is the Iwata airbrush I got myself for Christmas last year.

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