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Lunar Module S-Band Antenna Deployment
Lunar Module EASEP/ALSEP Deployment Sequence (removal from SEQ Bay)
Lunar Module Descent Stage Quads
Lunar Module Forward Egress Hatch
Miscellaneous Diagrams
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J-Series CSM SIM Bay and SIM Bay Data Retrieval EVA
Lunar Module Descent Stage Quad III
Lunar Module Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA)

LM S-Band Antenna Deployment
Full deployment sequence
Astronaut handling
Detail image
Above diagrams (as well as most of the others on this page) are from the NASA publication Lunar Module Structures Handout LM-5, which was graciously donated by Mr. Gary H. Kitmacher from the Johnson Space Center
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LM EASEP/ALSEP Deployment Sequence
(removal from SEQ Bay)
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LM Descent Stage Quads
LM-5 (Eagle) 
Apollo 11 
(same as LM-6)
LM-8 (Antares) Apollo 14
LM-10 (Falcon) Apollo 15 (same as LM-11 & 12)
Rover Quad I detail diagram 
Great pic of the Rover Quad
Also see LM Descent Stage Quad III page
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LM Forward Egress Hatch
Closeout photo 
of hatch of LM 8 
Diagram by the 
web master of 
hatch details 
including all 
Left photo courtesy Mr. Paul Fjeld

Miscellaneous Diagrams:

Apollo 11 
TV Camera

more to come......

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