Grumman Aerospace Corp. Lunar Module Cutaway Brochure

During the great days of manned space exploration, the 60's, Grumman produced a
beautiful color brochure with flip over pages which showed the
interior & exterior of the Lunar Module.
This somewhat rare document is presented here.
See bottom of the page for instructions.

Pg. 1
Pg. 3
Pg. 4
Pg. 5
Pg. 6
Pg. 7
Pg. 9
Pg. 10
For printing: print on transparency, back to back.  In other words,
print page 1, then print page 2 on the back of it.  Do this for all of
the pages.  Then, when you flip through the pages, you will see the
Lunar Module structures peeled away, like an onion, layer by layer.
You can also print each image on a seperate transparency.
This works from front to back and from back to front.
It's pretty damn cool!

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