In conjunction with my Art of Apollo page, it gives me great pleasure to present the incredible computer genetrated images (CGI)
of Mr. John Ortmann.

All images on this page Copyright 2007 by Mr. John Ortmann

You can see some more of John O's work at the Accurate Models web site, where his work is
being used to help develop unbelievable scale models of real spacecraft

Apollo Command & Service Module (CSM)

Above: first 3 images are CGI of an Apollo Block II CSM as configured during most of the
program, up to Apollo 14.  After Apollo 14, the 3 remaining J-series missions featured the
SIM Bay housed in the Service Module, as seen at right.  The photo at right is provided to
compare it to the 3rd CG image.

Apollo Command & Service Module (CSM) and
Lunar Module (LM)

Above: CGI of an Apollo Block II CSM docked to the LM.
John O always liked LM-5 "Eagle", shown here.  The CSM would
then be #107 "Columbia", both from the Apollo 11 mission.

Apollo Lunar Module
LM-5 "Eagle"

Shown here: the Ascent Stage in lunar orbit
Eagle after undocking.  The middle image was adapted from the actual
photo, NASA ID AS11-44-6574, shown to the right for comparison.
In order to better understand the incredibly complex motions of the numerous parts
involved in deploying and locking down the landing legs on the LM Descent
Stage, John O developed the CG images shown above.

A fully computer generated scene at Tranquility Base.  July 20, 1969
Click on image above for full size picture.

This is LM "Version 2".  AWESOME!!!!!!!!

And, lastly, John O's most recent work - a Gemini astronaut in CGI

Also, check out Don McMillan's CG Lunar Rover web site

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