IPMS 2002 
National Convention
Virginia Beach, VA

The Pavillion, site of the Nats. This building is BIG - I couldn't get it all
into one picture from the parking lot, so I had to make a mosaic out of 2 photos.
Each of these "humps" is HUGE, and there are 11 of them stretching off
into the distance to the right.

Space Models
Glenn Johnson's HST
Glenn Johnson's New Ware Soyuz
I took these photos before I knew that both these
models were built by Glenn, I promise!!
The RealSpace Models Pioneer model.  I took these as a
reference, because I bought one at the show.


Photo above taken by Brian Nicklas, using Glenn's camera!
Left - Ben Guenther, Mike Mackowski, Rick DeNatale, Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson, Glenn Johnson
Left Center - Ben Guenther (I FINALLY got to meet him!)
Right Center - Some of the guys at Glenn's vendor table
Right - Sven and Glenn at Glenn's vendor table
Left - Mark Gray, owner of Spacecraft Films and all around nice guy!
Right - Matt Irvine, who's new book "Creating Space" was published just in time
for the Nats, flew in from England to premier the book to the space modeling
world at the show

Space Modeler's Seminar
Left - Sven talking about Internet stuff for space modelers
Center - Glenn showing us his new 1/48 scale CSM model, in development
Right - Yours' truly giving my schpiel on my Monogram LM.  Photo courtesy Troy Bidwell

Sven Knudson's photos from the show
Glenn Johnson's photos from the show
Mike Mackowski's photos from the show

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