My Astronaut Encounters

Over the years I've managed to "rub elbows" with a few of our astronauts.
My first encounter was with Mr. Fred Haise, of Apollo 13 and Space Shuttle fame.  I met him at a
Grumman celebration at The Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island, New York.

In April of 2012, I had the heady experience of being in a room full of astronautes,
at the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's Apollo 16 40th Anniversary Soiree' held at
Kennedy Space Center.  Click here for the photos

L-R Edgar Mitchell, Charlie Duke, Myself, and
Mr. Fred Haise
I got this photo autographed by all 3 of these gentlemen at the next event (see below)

In November of 2013 I headed back to KSC once again for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's
Astronaut Autograph and Memorabilia Show.
I got several autographs, and for the first time really had a chance to chat with
the guys a little, including Fred Haise.  I can't wait to go back again!
Charlie Duke & I, holding the
photo from the previous year,
with his signature now on it
Jack Lousma, whom I 
discovered has a thing 
or two in common with me!
Al Worden, another fellow 
USAF veteran and a very 
funny guy
My autographs
L-R: Walt Cunningham, Jack Lousma, Mary Cleave, Al Worden, Dee O'Hara
Dick Gordon, who gave a mock
press conference at the dinner
event along with Gene Cernan
and Dee O'Hara
Edgar Mitchell, who sat at my 
table for the big dinner event
Gene Crenan during the mock
press conference

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