Detail and Painting Help for the CM Main (Unified) Hatch

Images are thumbnails.  Click on them for full-sized image.
Click here to go to the RealSpace Models web page and order your own CM hatch for the 1/32 scale Monogram CSM kit

Tom Kladiva has produced an really excellent set of CSM decals in 1/32 scale, which includes all the necessary decals for this hatch.  Click here to go to the New Ware Models web page and order them

Above: Exterior details of the hatch.  The red object at center right is a cover over the EVA handle.
The image clearly shows the mylar tape pattern, and the location of the decals and the purge and vent ports.
Compare to diagrams below.

Diagram of the CM exterior hatch decals.

Outside features of 
the hatch
Interior deatils of 
the hatch 
The hatch main gear box

Above: 4 images of the side hatch from the Apollo 11 CM #107 Columbia
on display at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC

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