Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

The C-5 Galaxy holds a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons.  It was the primary aircraft at my first permanent duty station after I joined the US Air Force.  I arrived at Travis Air Force Base in northern Califonia in September of 1979 and I was truly awestruck by the size of these leviathins of the skies.  Besides that, it was also the ONLY USAF aircraft I ever actually flew in, in 20 years in the Air Force.
This 1/144 scale kit by Anigrand Craftswork is nicely molded and very well engineered.  However, as with all limited run resin kits, it has some challenges to it.  The kit itself was built to represent a newer M model C-5, but the makers were thoughtful enough to include a set of engines for the earlier versions of the aircraft as well, (but not the decals for the earlier versions).  Luckily for me I found a company called Draw Decal that produces a set of decals for the B version.  Greg Drawbaugh, the owner/operator of Draw Decal, was even nice enough to supply me with a replacement sheet of decals for free when I messed a bunch of them up after they'd been applied to the model (long story!).  Thanks, Greg!
I used markings to represent a C-5 from the 60th Military Airlift Wing (MAW) from Travis Air Force Base, of which I was once a member.  It's a real thrill for me every time I look at her!


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