Project Apollo
Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU)
Boots and Gloves
Below: Chromel R section
Lunar Overboots
NASA boot 
A nice clear 
photo of a 
lunar overboot
NASA diagram
The lunar overboot was designed to give the crewmen
thermal and abrasion protection, as well as extra traction
in the slippery lunar dust.  Abrasion protection was provided
by the upper layer of Chromel R.
It was pulled on like a slipper
over the PGA boots.  The design stayed the same
throughout the Apollo lunar landing missions.
Lunar Extravehicular Gloves
5 views of the extravehicular gloves.  Note the Chromel R
covering, and silicone finger tips.  The 2nd photos shows the wrist
adjustment strap.  The far right photo shows how the
cuff checklist was attached to the glove.
Photos above courtesy Paul Kashuk
Intravehicular gloves from Apollo 11
Diagram of
intravehicular gloves
Extravehicular gloves from Apollo 11
Note cuff checklist sewn on
Cuff Checklist
Apollo 13 training 
photo showing 
cuff checklist 
in use
Apollo 12 cuff checklist, 
made famous in the HBO 
series "From the Earth to 
the Moon"
Another shot of the 
Apollo 12 cuff 
checklist. Note Omega 
Chronograph watch
and pressure 
gauge to the left
Note - copies of many of the Apollo cuff checklists are
available on the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Chromel R

Made of stainless steel fibers, Chromel R was one of the wonder materials of project Apollo.  It covered the backs, boots, and gloves of the extravehicular crewmen.

The Apollo 11 crew practices CM ingress.
Note the large patch of Chromel R on the
back of Buzz Aldrin's suit.  That patch was to prevent
abrasion of the PGA by the PLSS.

Life size closeup of Chromel R.  You can plainly
see the metallic nature of the material.
It provided excellent abrasion protection,
but was very expensive to produce.

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