By far the most ambitious model I've built in a very long time, maybe in my life, was this 23" 1/48 scale multimedia
model of the Eagle from the old TV series "Space: 1999".
The Eagle kit came from a company called "Replicas Unlimited".  The kit had a lot of issues, most notably the fact that the instructions
were very difficult to follow, and they were written for an earlier version of the kit.
I decided partway through the build to depart a little from the normal Eagles that most people build in two ways:
First, I weathered it to a moderate degree, and, second, I "slathered" it with decals, most of which I created and printed myself
on my color laserjet printer.  I printed over four PAGES of decals for it, but I think the result
is both unique and worth the extra effort.
Unlike Star Trek models, there are no true "canon" versions of the Eagle, and no one I corresponded with who saw
pictures of it said anything untowards about all the extra decals.
There are several different versions of the Eagle, depending on what type of cargo it carries.  This one is called
the "lab" Eagle, and I decided to make it resemble Eagle #3.  After it was completed, I also
decided to add the spine mounted booster pack you see attached to the top.  That was a separate kit sold by
Mr. Jim Smalls of Small Artworks.  It was bought for me by my brother Bill as a birthday present.
Thanks, Bill!
As an added bonus, I also bought a small Moon Buggy kit, like the one(s) they used on the show.
The entire build took slightly over a year and a half.  Part of the reason it took so long was because just before I started it I
was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  The preparation and treatment for my affliction significantly impacted the amount of time it took
to build the model.
I blogged about the build on the eagletransporter web site forum, and I'm extremely grateful for the incredible amount of
support I received from it's members during my build.



Moon Buggy

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