Vistapro: The Planet Series

Vistapro has the capability to merge images generated by other graphic packages as either foreground or background images. In this series, I generated the planet using POV-Ray. Actually, the planet itself is part of the demos that come with POV-Ray. Anyway, I used the resulting targa image as a background image to Vistapro. I think the foreground 'moon' picture is actually elevation data from somewhere in Colorado. I set the colormap to generate black and white colors to simulate a moonlike surface. Finally, I tried to match up the light source direction with that of the background planet. I also made a 3D version of one of the images. To view it, you'll need the standard red-blue 3D glasses. What do you think, sirs?

640x480 JPEG (52K)

640x480 JPEG (53K)

640x480 JPEG (48K)

3D version 640x480 JPEG (25K)

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Sven Knudson