B-29 Bomb Bay

These are scans from the out of print Aerofax Datagraph #3: Bell X-1 Variants, by Ben Guenther and Jay Miller and are used with the permission of the authors. They show the modifications made to the bomb bay of the B-29 mothership in order to carry the X-1 series of experimental aircraft.

The second set of photos were sent by Ben Guenther and provide additional details. Ben notes that the B-29's main gear doors have been removed due to clearance issues with the X-1's wings. In addition to that, some flights were made with the supercharger covers on, while some had the covers removed. For the glide tests at Pinecastle AFB in Florida and continuing into 1946, wooden blocks were used as sway braces. Later in 1946 or early in 1947, the wooden blocks were replaced by steel braces.

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