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Manufacturer: Vista Replicas
Name: Skylab
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 51 resin pieces (includes some extras)
6 wire pieces
plastic rod and strip
gold foil
Comments: Parts are solid cast resin, with raised and recessed details. There are some pinholes on the parts. Some parts have a molding seam that will need to be worked on as well. Some of the smaller parts have some flash that will have to be carefully removed. The solar panels are solid slabs of resin: extra panels are included so you can choose the best ones. Styrene strip and rod are included to build detail parts, such as the docking target, and the ATM support truss and solar panel supports. Gold foil is also included to simulate the exterior of the laboratory with its meteor shield torn off. The instructions include a parts inventory and break the assembly into stages, with each stage having its own drawing. Photos of completed subassemblies provide very helpful illustrations of how to build them. A painting and marking guide, along with an overall plan view is also included in the instructions.
Reference price:
(as of 11/2/1999)
50 Pounds Sterling

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Sven Knudson