Quick Looks

Manufacturer: Vista Replicas
Name: Mir
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 62 resin pieces (some are extras)
1 resin base piece
plastic rod and tubing
2 plastic girder pieces
wire rod
3 sizes ball bearings
Comments: Parts are solid cast resin, with some raised and recessed lines. Otherwise, there is a smooth surface finish with some air holes. The solar panels are solid slabs of resin, so it'll be difficult to model some them in their zigzag type of arrangement. The ball bearings are to be used to simulate tanks on the exterior of the station. The instructions include a parts inventory and a series of exploded drawings to build the station module by module. Side and front view drawings of the general configuration during the mid 1990's, along with a minimal painting guide are also included in the instructions. My kit included some extra parts, always a welcome touch.
Reference price:
(as of 10/31/1996)
35 Pounds Sterling

Part views

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Sven Knudson