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Manufacturer: Vista Replicas
Name: Lunar Module
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 154 resin pieces (some are extras)
4 white metal pieces
cut styrene sheet
styrene strip
styrene rod
metal tubing
gold/silver foil sheet
gold foil tape
clear plastic sheet
clear styrene
brass screws
Comments: Oh, man, are there a boatload of parts in this kit! First off, this kit represents Apollo 11's LM. In other words, it's an 'H' type of LM... no LRV was aboard (the Apollo 11 episode of HBO's From the Earth to the Moon notwithstanding...). The resin parts vary from solid and substantial to tiny and fragile. Most of the parts have some air holes on their surfaces, the amount and severity varies. (But since most of the exterior is covered with foil, this isn't much of a problem.) There is some flash, primarily on the smaller and thinner parts. The detail is down to the rivets on the ascent stage. There are parts for an interior, including PLSS backpacks. Black and white decals provide the detail for the instrument and control panels. The instructions are quite extensive and break the assembly down into several sub-assemblies: the ascent stage is broken down into forward, mid, and rear sections, with each section being further broken down into interior and exterior steps. The descent stage does not contain a MESA, so if you want one, you'll have to modify the parts. The instructions for the construction of the landing legs are quite thorough, since the landing gear is pretty complex, being constructed from telescoping metal tubing, resin outriggers and detail parts, and white metal extension braces. Brass screws beef up the joint between the landing gear and the descent stage: they go right through the descent stage wall into the resin outriggers. The thrust deflectors are made by heating and forming the cut styrene sheet around a rod. The text instructions are accompanied by separate assembly drawings called out by the text steps. Templates are also provided to cut the rod and strip into parts for handrails, mounts for the thrust deflectors and antennae, etc. and for the clear plastic for the forward windows. A chunk of clear styrene is included for the docking window. Detailed painting guides also are sprinkled about the text and drawings. An external painting/decaling/foil guide to match the external pattern of the Eagle and some xeroxed photos of the Eagle in flight and on the lunar surface top off the instructions. Plenty of gold/silver foil is included, along with gold foil tape, UNITED STATES and an American flag decal for exterior detailing.
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(as of 9/24/1999)

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