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Manufacturer: Vista Replicas
Name: Skylab
Scale: 1:100
Kit contents: 98 resin pieces (includes some extras)
6 plastic covered wire pieces
plastic rod and strip
wire rod
styrene disks
gold foil
Comments: The main workshop is molded as two separate halves, keeping the weight down. The other resin pieces are solid, with some flash on the more delicate pieces. There are some minor airholes on some of the parts. The solar panels for the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM) have been molded in the proper up-down zig-zag pattern. Fine raised and engraved detail is molded onto both sides of the panels. The plastic covered wire parts make up the structural parts to hold the ATM to the lab. Other braces are to be cut from the provided rod. The docking targets and other detail parts are also to be constructed from the supplied rod, strip and disk material. The instruction sheet consists of general text instructions and multiple diagrams and templates used for building the details. Several photocopied photographs of the real Skylab and the finished model also help with assembly. A graphical painting guide is also included in the instructions, as well as diagrams showing the workshop and ATM in launch and orbital configurations.
Reference Price:
(as of 7/10/2000)
60 Pounds Sterling

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Sven Knudson