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Can't find a particular kit? Got stuff you want to get rid of? Check to see if someone can help you out. If you want to post something on this page, send me your request, and I'll add it to the page (if it meets the basic requirements).

Basic Requirements for Posting

The requirements are pretty simple: this is for posting your disposals, wants, and trades for space and X-plane kits and/or reference material. Commercial posts will not be included here: I don't want to get caught up in free advertising wars... Besides, commercial listings are already noted on the Mail Order Sources page. Final decisions will be mine. To keep from cluttering this page too much with outdated posts, a time limit of one year will be set. If the time limit expires and you still want to keep the posting alive, you'll have to resubmit it. Postings must include a valid email address. I don't want to have to act as the middleman for any transactions, so all transactions must be made directly between the two interested parties. If your posting becomes outdated for whatever reason before the time limit expires, please let me know so I can remove it. Let's try to use a little common sense and everyone will benefit.

Submit your requests to me at:

I'll try to add it to this page as soon as I can. Now let's do some bidness!


Note: the photos linked to the names are representative of the kits: THEY ARE NOT PHOTOS OF THE ACTUAL KITS BEING OFFERED

Date posted: Oct 24, 2004

Looking for Imex #8000 1/16 scale Visible V-2 kit.

From: Martin Bayer
Date posted: Dec 30, 2004

I'm looking for the instruction booklet with templates for the wings, tail and bulkheads of the Saenger-Bredt spaceplane kit from Kingston Vacuum Works. A spare fuselage from this kit would also be of interest.

Also looking for a copy of or any information on the "Science Fiction Modelers Handbook". Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.

From: Mark Draper
Date posted: Apr 9, 2005

Wanted: Monogram 1/72 Space Shuttle with Fuel Tank and Boosters kit. Also looking for Monogram 1/72 Shuttle Orbiter (not the recent Revell/Monogram re-issue)

From: Mariano Gómez
Date posted: Apr 15, 2005

Wanted: Monogram 1/32 scale Apollo Spacecraft kit.

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