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Manufacturer: Stratosphere Models
Name: Rockwell International/DASA X-31
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 38 resin pieces
2 vacuform pieces
15 metal pieces
Comments: Note: This review is of a previous version of the kit. The current version has been redesigned and is cast of polyurethane resin

The resin parts are molded with finely recessed panel lines and a small amount of minor air holes. Most of the parts have been separated from their pour plugs, so part cleanup will be greatly reduced. The fuselage is molded in two halves. The wings and vertical tail are molded as single solid pieces. The white metal parts make up the landing gear, air probes, actuator arms, etc. Two clear vacuformed canopies are included in case you mess up one (I've said it before: always a nice touch!). The instructions include specifications and a history of the real X-31, a bibliography, general assembly and painting text, six separate subassembly exploded drawings with color callouts, xeroxed detail photos of the actual vehicle's landing gear, cockpit, exhaust vanes, and nose probe, along with a four view painting and decaling guide drawing. The box cover has a large photo of an X-31 in flight.
Order from: Stratosphere Models
2940 Barclay, No. B
Montreal, Quebec

email: stratospheremodels@yahoo.fr
web: http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=stratospheremodels
(as of 11/30/04)
$98.95 (US)

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