Important message!

Howdy y'all!

I got the following message from Marc Frattasio on January 7, 1997. Please pay attention and do as he says!

     Hello again:
     I've now got a contact at Revell-Monogram who works in their new 
     product development organization.  I called them today to ask about 
     the situation with the Selected Subjects Program.  I learned quite a 
     bit from this guy about what's going on with the SSP space kits.
     Here is the story about what's going on with Revell-Monogram as far as 
     the Selected Subjects Program (SSP) is concerned.  Bear in mind that 
     all this is from a telephone call I made to Revell-Monogram less than 
     an hour ago and you are not hearing this from a third party (as in the 
     case of the e-mail messages that I forwarded to you from Fred Becker).
     First of all, overall demand for the SSP kits is in decline.  Dean 
     Milano told me that they do not know why this is happening but it is a 
     fact.  Basically, more recent SSP releases are doing worse than the 
     earlier ones and if the situation does not reverse, SSP could simply 
     go away.
     As part of a general winding-down process, Revell-Monogram is cutting 
     back Selected Subjects Program issues from 12 kits down to 8 kits per 
     batch and batches will be released three per year instead of four per 
     The SSP kits may go away soon no matter what happens with the demand 
     as Dean tells me that the pool of kits that they can reissue is drying 
     up.  Many molds no longer exist and Revell-Monogram does not have the 
     licenses anymore to produce some things too.
     Although all the Selected Subjects Program kits are selling worse than 
     Revell-Monogram hoped, the space kits seem to be doing much worse.  
     Dean mentioned that pre-subscription orders for the Revell Convair 
     Space Shuttlecraft were extremely dissapointing for them.  However, 
     Dean told me that this fact may not completely doom additional space 
     kits from being reissued in the future.
     Dean Milano told me that they would like to continue reissuing 
     additional old space kits as part of the Selected Subjects Program, 
     even though there will be no space kits included in the next release 
     (due sometime in March 1997).  In particular, they would like to 
     continue with the Willy Ley kits (they have the molds for the TV 
     Orbiter and the Orbital Rocket and these molds would not require any 
     significant rework).
     Dean also told me that the molds for other old space kits exist (like 
     for the Revell XSL-01 Manned Space Ship and the Revell Space Station) 
     but these kits would require some degree of mold rework or in some 
     cases new molds would have to be made to replace missing parts.  I 
     informed Dean of a company located in Massachusetts that has a special 
     proprietary process for making inexpensive limited run injection molds 
     for styrene and other plastics that cost a small fraction of what a 
     'normal' mold costs.  I used to work for these people when I was in 
     college and I actually made tools used to produce things like computer 
     housings and shoe soles so I know what I am talking about.  Anyway, 
     Dean promised to pass the information I gave him about this company on 
     to his superiors and they will check it out.
     Dean told me that the key to ensuring that Revell-Monogram continues 
     to reissue the old space kits is demand for the products.  For this 
     purpose, letters from potential consumers to Revell-Monogram are very 
     important.  Such letters should be sent to:
     Ed Sexton
     Revell Monogram
     8601 Waukegan Road
     Morton Grove, IL  60053
     I urge you to write to Revell-Monogram and tell your friends.
     It may interest you to know that a 5,000 to 10,000 kit order would be 
     enough to ensure that a particular kit gets reissued.  Dean told me, 
     for example, that if I were to personally order 5,000 Willy Ley TV 
     Orbiter rocket kits that it would probably get done (the kits might be 
     packed in bags for that price or perhaps the boxes would be provided 
     too).  The point of this is that a company like Comet Miniatures, a club,
     or even an individual could do a private limited edition reissue!
     Anyway, I wanted you guys to get the facts about what's going on with 
     the Revell-Monogram SSP.

I can't stress the importance of this enough. Who would have thought that we'd get the opportunity to actually get AND BUILD the old Willy Ley and the great Revell space kits without spending a fortune for each kit? The SSP program has brought back some wonderful stuff that hasn't been available for years (unless you paid Big Bux to a dealer/collector). Many is the time that I have regretted building the kits as a kid, only to blow them up with firecrackers a couple of days later. With the SSP program, we can get the kits again at a decent price. And this time I promise not to blow them up!

Sven Knudson