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Manufacturer: Spacecraft 76
Name: Vostok 1 Upgrade kit
Scale: 1:24
Kit contents: 15 resin parts
1 vacuformed clear part
8 preformed brass parts
4 preformed wire parts
steel pins
styrene rod and half-rod
steel wire
steel rod and wooden base
Comments: This kit is intended to spiff up the Revell Russia's First Spacecraft: Vostok (kits H-1844, its SSP reissue or the Revell-Germany reissue. It includes details for the retrorocket and equipment sections of the model that are normally covered by the third stage part. While it includes a clear vacuformed part to replace one of the capsule pieces to allow a better view of the interior, no interior detail parts are included in this kit: it's all for the outside. The resin parts are solid with nicely molded details and no major airholes. All parts have been removed from their pour plugs, so cleanup will be minimal. A parts list identifies all parts by shape. Templates guide placement of the radiator panels and preformed styrene rod and half-rod for the retrorocket section and the resin detail parts for the equipment section. Preformed wire loops and steel wire provide the antennas for the retrorocket section and the steel pins are used to mount the preformed brass radiator panels. Each panel is unique, so you'll need to pay attention to the mounting locations. Since you won't be able to use the kit stand (it mounts to the third stage), a wooden base and steel rod are included to mount the model to a resin part mounted on the base of the retrorocket. Decals provide rivet details for the hatch sections on the crew cabin. The instructions are broken into separate steps for the capsule, equipment and retrorocket sections, with text and augmented by photos showing the various stages of construction. A painting guide and list of references round out the instructions.

Thanks to Tom Castronuova for the review copy!

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(as of 10/20/15)

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