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Manufacturer: Spacecraft 76
Name: Gemini Paraglider
Scale: 1:48
Kit contents: 1 pre-assembled resin/styrene part
2 vacuformed parts
5 precut styrene sheet parts
5 pre-assembled cables
metal hooks
styrene rod
extra hardware
wooden base
metal stand
Comments: This kit depicts the proposed, but not implemented paraglider recovery technique for landing a Gemini capsule on land. It's intended to be used with the Revell 1/48 scale Gemini capsule kit that contains the landing skids. Fortunately, that kit has been reissued several times and can still be found at model shows and on eBay. (As far as I know, the original issue, it's SSP reissue, and the Gus Grissom issue have the landing gear, but the Young Astronauts and American Space Pioneers issues do not.) The kit parts consist of a pre-assembled main spar, vacuformed sails and some assorted hardware. The main spar consists of several styrene tubes, with resin nose and tail pieces. The resin portions were deliberately wrinkled to suggest an inflated structure, but you'll probably want to give it a light sanding. Assembly of the parasail is pretty simple, since the hard work of aligning the spars has been done for you. You'll need to first assemble your Gemini capsule in a landing configuration, then drill some holes for the attachment hardware. A handy stand is included which consists of a wooden base and a bent metal rod that is to be inserted into the middle spar of the parasail, holding the entire assembly off the ground. The attachment cables have been pre-assembled to the proper lengths, but extra rod and hardware are included in case you need to adjust the lengths. The instructions include several sheets of text, along with some line drawings and black and white reference photos. Also included is a large assembly drawing with parts list and assembly tips.
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