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Manufacturer: Spacecraft 76
Name: Extravehicular Life Support System without Gemini Astronaut
Scale: 1:6
Kit contents: 1 resin part
pre-cut styrene rod
2 elastic straps
pre-assembled umbilical
Comments: This kit is intended to be used with the astronaut figure from either the Revell Gemini Astronaut or Astronaut with MMU (which we all know is really a Gemini spacesuit with the MMU) kit to represent the ELSS used on the Gemini 9 thru 12 missions. (And we all know it was carried on Gemini 8 but wasn't used.) The kit contains the chest pack, mounting parts and a pre-assembled umbilical section that plugs into the ELSS. The resin part is very light: I believe that it is hollow, since it appears that a piece of styrene was glued on at the bottom. This is a good thing, since it keeps the model from being front-heavy. The part has a crisply molded details and some slight molding flaws. There are no major airholes in my part. The styrene rod fits into pre-drilled holes in the back of the part to mount it to the astronaut figure in which you'll have to drill the corresponding holes. The velcro is to be cut and added to the front of the chestpack and to the 2 elastic straps and helps to hold the ELSS to the astronaut, just like in the real thing. The instructions include photos that show where to drill the holes in and attach the straps to the astronaut figure. They also include painting and decal instructions. A large scale three-view drawing shows where to place the included decals. Decals are also included for the astronaut figure. The CD-ROM includes some photos of Gemini spacesuits and a PDF document entitled Project Gemini Extravehicular Life Support System (ELSS). Along with the text reports, tables, charts and schematics, it includes some nice photos of the ELSS, including a nice shot of the top of the unit showing the dials and controls.
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