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Manufacturer: Space Cadet Models
Name: Apollo Particles and Fields Sub-satellite
Scale: 1:12
Kit contents: 2 resin parts
10 3D printed parts
styrene tube
styrene sheet
music wire
brass rod
display base
Comments: The resin parts are solid with a smooth surface finish. There aren't any visible airholes, but there are a couple of little dings on the main satellite body. These will be covered by the solar panel decals, though. The resin parts have already been removed from their pour plugs, but will still need a slight bit of cleaning up. The 3D printed parts are still on their supports and need to be carefully removed. The main instructions on are on the CD-ROM, with a supplemental sheet of instructions included in the kit. The instructions are multiple step drawings that also include painting and foiling directions. Also included on the CD-ROM are photos and technical drawings of the subsatellite. A wooden display base with an illustrated sticker and brass rod for mounting the model are also included.
Order from: Space Cadet Models

email: spacey57@comcast.net

(as of `/18/21)
$35 plus shipping

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