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Manufacturer: Space Cadet Models
Name: ESA Huygens Titan Probe
Scale: 1:24
Kit contents: 32 resin parts
72 photoeched parts
styrene half round rod
brass tube
heavy thread
resin base
instruction addendum
Comments: The resin parts are finely cast with crisply molded details and no visible airholes. There is some flash that will need to be cleaned up, especially around the more delicate parts. Most of the parts are still attached to their pour plugs. The styrene half-rod is to be used with some photoetched parts to build the HASI booms. A template is provided on the instruction addendum for cutting the parts to the proper length. The instruction addendum also includes some additional instruction tips, along with a photographical parts ID guide. The CD-ROM provides the main kit instructions along with a ton of reference material that will greatly aid in the construction of the kit. It also includes some movies of the probe's decent that I found fascinating. The heavy cord is to represent the parachute lines, while the brass tube represents the drogue parachute container. A nice large resin base of Titan's surface is provided to display the finished model.
Order from: Space Cadet Models

email: spacey57@comcast.net
(as of 3/1/16)
$89 plus shipping

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