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Manufacturer: Space Cadet Models
Name: International Space Station Reference
Contents: 5.70 GB of data on 2 DVD-ROMs or 1 16GB USB drive

Karl Dodenhoff of Space Cadet Models has gathered a ton of reference material with the objective of building the Ultimate model of the International Space Station. Space Cadet Models has now made this material available on 2 DVDs or a USB thumbdrive (for those who don't have DVD drives in their computers). All of this material was gathered from the internet and amounts to more than 3600 files organized into 114 directories: artist's concepts, diagrams, scale drawings, mission insigniae, high resolution photos of the various modules, and more. It'll take a long time to peruse this data, but if you need to see references for any part of the International Space Station, odds are that they are in this data set.

Thanks to Space Cadet Models for the review copy

Order from: Space Cadet Models

email: spacey57@comcast.net

(as of 7/17/21)
$20 for DVD ROM set
$25 for USB drive

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