Energia Museum

In Gary's words:
This is the line-up of spacecraft at the Energia Museum in Korolev (formerly Kaliningrad), north of Moscow. In order, the spacecraft shown are from right to left:
A Vostok mock-up. actually based on an actual unmanned vehicle, but lacking a lot of 'real' flight details.
Gagarin's re-entry capsule
Gagarin's back-up or training suit
Tereshkova's reentry capsule
The actual Voskhod-3 spacecraft in essentially ready-to-launch form-probably the most accurate Vostok or Voskhod vehicle still on the ground. Lots of remove before flight tags.
Voskhod-1 reentry capsule
Voskhod-2 reentry capsule with inflatable airlock back-up unit attached

Location: Energia Museum, Korolev, Russia
Date: ca. 1995-96
Photo by: Gary Kitmacher

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