SIM #4 - Soviet Spacecraft - Released!!!

July 22, 1997

The fourth book in the Space In Miniature (S.I.M.) series, "Soviet Spacecraft," has just been published. The editor of the series, Mike Mackowski, said "This book is the result of five years of research to create the most comprehensive and accurate collection of scale drawings of the manned spacecraft of the former Soviet Union. Besides the drawings, there is all the information a modeler will need to build an accurate, detailed model of any manned Soviet space vehicle." As with the other books in the series ("A Scale Spacecraft Primer," "Gemini," and "Space Shuttle"), the new book is not intended to be a history of the Russian space program. Instead, it is designed to provide the serious "real space" modeler with the scale data and modeling information that cannot be found anywhere else. Mackowski is an aerospace engineer and long-time modeler who is recognized by many members of the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) as one of the top experts on this modeling topic.

At 41 pages, "Soviet Spacecraft" is the largest volume in the S.I.M. series and includes scale drawings of Vostok and Voskhod plus thirteen unique versions of the Soyuz vehicle. Scale drawings of both versions of Progress are also included. Salyuts 6 and 7 are thoroughly covered via the line drawings of contributor Dietrich Haeseler plus new isometrics showing the color patterns of each. The configuration of Mir as of the first Shuttle docking mission in 1995 is documented by scale drawings based on NASA data. There is also information on available model kits of Russian spacecraft as well as articles on scratchbuilding, accurate colors, and converting the old Revell Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) kit.

This new book is available directly from the publisher and sells for $10.00 plus first class shipping. Shipping is $1.00 per book in North America. Foreign orders (foreign currency is not accepted) should add $3.00 (Europe and South America) or $4.00 (Asia and the Pacific) per book. Prices for other titles are as follows:

SIM #1 - A Scale Spacecraft Primer (photocopy only)$6.00
SIM #2 - Gemini$7.50
SIM #3 - Space Shuttle$7.50

Shipping is $1.00 per book in North America. Foreign orders should add $3 per book for Europe and South America, or $4 for Asia and the Pacific.

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