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Manufacturer: Sharkit
Name: X-24C
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 24 resin pieces
3 metal pieces
Comments: The kit is based on a conceptual follow-on program to the X-24B. It was designed to investigate lifting body characteristics in the 3 to 6 Mach range. The resin kit parts are still on their pour plugs. The parts have a smooth surface finish, with the only visible air hole being on the LR-99 rocket nozzle. There is some minor flash on some of the parts. White metal parts make up the landing gear struts. (One of mine was broken, but I don't care: I rarely model the gear down on aircraft.) The instruments are very finely molded in place on the console. The wing and control surface parts are numbered on their pour plug: these numbers are called out in the instructions. The instructions include a program history, a parts list, three-view and exploded drawings, detail drawings, cross-sectional views, a painting guide, and even a drawing showing how the aircraft would fit on the B-52 pylon.
Order from: Sharkit
12 che Petite Montagne
45 290 Varennes Changy

fone/fax: 02 38 94 17 72
email: mangallon@orange.fr
web: http://www.sharkit.com/
(as of 1/24/00)

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