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Manufacturer: Sharkit
Name: North American X-15 Delta
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 9 resin pieces
3 resin stand pieces
metal rod for stand
Comments: This kit represents a proposed version X-15 as a delta-wing testbed. The kit parts are solid, for the most part: the two fuselage parts have hollow cores and the engine exhaust is also hollow. The only detail on the parts is a hinge line for the elevons. The parts are still on their pour plugs, but have only minor airholes very near the plug area on the fuselage parts. The wings are keyed to the fuselage, so be careful when removing them from their plugs so as not to remove the keys. The instruction sheet consists of a three view drawing, with cross sections for critical areas. The drawings also serve as a painting and decal guide: decals are provided to represent the cockpit windows. Serial numbers are included for the third X-15 built (which was proposed for the modification) and the serial number that usually shows up in artist renderings of the vehicle.
Order from: Sharkit
12 che Petite Montagne
45 290 Varennes Changy

fone/fax: 02 38 94 17 72
email: mangallon@orange.fr
web: http://www.sharkit.com/
(as of 11/26/03)
eur. 72

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