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Manufacturer: Sharkit
Name: Soviet R-2 Launcher and proposed 1955 suborbital manned capsule
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 14 resin pieces
metal wire
metal tube
Comments: This kit represents a proposed 1955 design to loft a manned capsule into a suborbital flight. The fin section, nose cone, and pilot section are solid while the two main missile sections are shells. There are a moderate amount of air holes in some of the parts. The fins and aerodynamic surface parts also have a moderate amount of flash. The pilot's cabin is hollow and fits around the seated pilot figure. A cabin door is molded into the part. Landing gear is fashioned from the metal tubing and wire and can be modeled in the retracted or deployed position. The instruction sheet includes an overall and detailed drawings with text expositions. A text painting guide and program history are also included, along with a set of decals.
Order from: Sharkit
12 che Petite Montagne
45 290 Varennes Changy

fone/fax: 02 38 94 17 72
email: mangallon@orange.fr
web: http://www.sharkit.com/
(as of 11/26/03)
eur. 45

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