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Manufacturer: Sharkit
Name: Bell Rocket Belt
Scale: 150mm
Kit contents: 24 resin pieces
lead foil
flexible tubing
Comments: The resin parts are solid, with no visible pin holes. There is some flash along some of the seams that will have to be removed, along with each part's pour plug. The wire, foil, and tubing are to add plumbing details to the model. You can also substitute thin solder and add details from automotive kit accessories if you so desire. The instructions include a short program history and detailed assembly steps with each part called out by name and number. A painting guide is also included in the instructions.
Order from: Sharkit
12 che Petite Montagne
45 290 Varennes Changy

fone/fax: 02 38 94 17 72
email: mangallon@orange.fr
web: http://www.sharkit.com/
(as of 11/26/03)
eur. 72

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