X-17 -- Lockheed vehicle

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image/ Polaris-TV.jpg
X-17 Polaris test
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image/ USAF X17 photo.jpg (courtesy David Bornstein)
1957 Nabisco cereal premium card from the "Defenders of America" series. Dates to correct time but appears to be artist colored.
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image/ x17 a.jpg
X-17 on pad (large, hi-res version)
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image/ x17 b.jpg
X-17 on pad (small, hi-res version)
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image/ x17 c.jpg
Photo description (on back)
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image/ x17 d.jpg
X-17 on pad, in color (Caidin, "Spaceport U.S.A.," 1959, book cover)
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text/text x17 e.txt
launch info for x-17JPG
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