What the Heck Is This?

Type Name and Description Size Date
2H Monster 01.jpg
The "two-headed monster" of Wallops Island, last spotted in 1957 ("Aviation Week," 10/22/56, page 53)
90 KB 12/04/2000
2H Monster 02.jpg
Closeup of the "two-headed monster" on the pad (Shortal, "A New Dimension," page 492)
45 KB 12/04/2000
felix1 01.jpg
"Felix 1": A cat in an anti-tank missile! Yeee-haaaw!!! (AW&ST 1/5/1959, page 25)
54 KB 12/02/2000
felix1 02.jpg
Hi-res closeup of "Felix 1," a French Nord SS-10 with a cat inside
53 KB 12/02/2000
flying waffle.jpg
Giant Flying Waffle of Doom: An Atlas OV--"Orbiting Vehicle"--from the 1960s (from Baker, "The Rocket," 1978, page 169)
45 KB 11/28/2000
pinocchio atlas.jpg
Pinocchio's Atlas: A blurry shot of a Rhyolite Atlas-Agena with a 52.5-foot upper stage, the Agena and payload fairing (Quest, Fall 1992, page 53)
333 KB 12/04/2000
Wallops Island's only rocket test of a propeller aircraft: the Convair XFY-1 Pogo (Shortal, "A New Dimension," page 361)
120 KB 12/03/2000