Tamiya Apollo kits

From: hermes@onramp.net (Tom Servo Seiler)
Date: 16 Sep 1995 14:52:29 GMT

In article <43e14p$e1d@natasha.rmii.com>, msagara@rmii.com (Martin Sagara) wrote:

Does anyone out there remember the Tamiya (YES, Tamiya) 1/70 scale Apollo Spacecraft? As I recall, this was released around 1970 and was somewhat similar to the Revell kits in that the LM & CSM components were available separately or in a combination as the upper part of the Saturn V third stage. I remember seeing these kits in the hobby shops in the early 70's (I was a YOUNG KID at the time!) and I never have seen any of these kits built. Does anyone recall what these kits were like? Any chance that the molds still exist?

I remember having a Tamiya Apollo CSM/LM kit with a twist: It was MOTORIZED. There was a propeller (clear plastic) protruding from the Service Propulsion System engine bell and there was a swivel mount that looked like a bit of lunar surface that you secured to the ceiling with thumbtacks and double-stick foam tape. The CSM could be suspended by itself, or with the LM "docked." There were multiple balance points on the SM for this. You would attach a small hook into the balance point, suspending the craft about 3 feet from the ceiling. A switch on the command module started the engine and the the whole thing would begin to "orbit" faster and faster, in increasingly larger circles until it was really traveling, about a foot from the ceiling! It was fascinating, but scary to be standing under. It was a nice kit, molded in black and white, but this version was mostly a toy.

From: in1022@wlv.ac.uk (Mike Griffiths)
Date: 18 Sep 1995 12:59:33 GMT

Yep, I remember it - in fact I've got it. I have the CM/LM in separate boxes - a friend of mine has the version with both in one box. These are the only examples I've ever seen - they're very scarce. They are quite accurate, but not as accurate as they should be for TAMIYA, although they are excellent quality.

The CM comes with an electric motor and a propeller that you can install in the rocket engine housing. You can then attach the kit to the ceiling via some fishing line and get it to "orbit"! The LM comes with a very realistic moon rock/lunar surface base.

This may make them sound a bit toyish and quite unusual for TAMIYA, but don't let it put you off - they're great kits. However, It took me years to find them and they're not cheap.......