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Part 10

Part 10 ** This section contains more lists - it was broken up to keep ** mailers with 30Kb message limits happy. ** o Magazines, newslettes, etc. ** o Museums that provides sources of research. ** o Model manufacters and distributors. Magazines, newsletters, etc. Aeroplane Monthly Frequency: Monthly Address: Aeroplane Monthly King's Reach Tower Stamford Street London SE1 9LS England (071) 261 5849, fax (071) 261 7851 Subscriptions: UK GBP23, Overseas surface GBP25, Europe, air GBP 29, USA & Canada air USD53, Other, air GBP32. Address: Aeroplane Monthly Subscriptions c/o Quadrant Subscription Services Oakfield House Perrymount Road Haywards Heath West Sussex RH16 3DH England (0444) 445555 In USA: Aeroplane Monthly Subscriptions Reed Business Publishing 205 East 42nd St New York NY 10017 USA Description: Articles about the good old days. Practically only British subjects. Air Forces Monthly Frequency: Monthly Address: Air Forces Monthly PO Box 100 Stamford Lincs PE9 1XQ England (0780) 55131 Subscriptions: 12/24 issues: UK GBP24/43, USA & Canada GBP31/57 or USA USD69/-, Europe GBP33/61, Other, surface GBP30/55, Zone 1, air GBP41/77, Zone 2, air GBP43/81. Address as above. In USA: Sky Books International 48 East 50th Street New York NY 10022 USA 1-718-767 6632 Description: About present day military aviation. News, good articles and pictures about what's happening now. As complete crash statistics you can get in every issue. FineScale Modeler Frequency: 8 times/year Price: $19.95/year; $37.95/2 years; $53.95/3 years (USA) $26.00/year; $52.00/2 years; $78.00/3 years (other countries) Address: Kalmbach Publishing Co. 21027 Crossroads Circle P.O.Box 1612 Waukesha, WI 53187 Journal of Military Aviation Frequency: bi-monthly Price: $20/year (6 issues); $38.00/2 years (12 issues); $26.00/year for foreign subscriptions Address: Journal of Military Aviation 528 Dunkel School Road Halifax, PA 17032 Description: Includes articles on history, details, data and photos of military aircraft. Military Aircraft Preview (MAP) Frequency: monthly Price: $3.95 newstand US Canada/Mexico Others 12 issues $27.95 $34.95 $39.95 24 issues $51.95 $64.95 $75.95 36 issues $72.95 $89.95 $99.95 US: First Class add $16.80 per 12 issues Canada & Mexico: Air Mail add $20.00 per 12 issues Other Countries: Air Mail add $48.00 per 12 issues Address: Military Aircraft Preview Three Geese Publishing PO Box 98865 Tacoma, WA USA 98498-0865 Phone: (206)475-9505 FAX: (206)475-1597 Military In Scale Frequency: 12 issues/year. Address: Military In Scale Traplet House Severn Drive Upton-upon-Severn Worcestershire WR8 0JL England Phone: (0684) 594505, fax (0684) 594586 Subscriptions /year: UK: GBP20.50, Europe GBP28.50, Other GBP38.50 Address as above. In USA: Traplet Publications Ltd. PO Box 167 Florham Park New Jersey 07932 Description: Military subjects, mainly aircraft and armour. Kit reviews, news, modelling techniques, prototype information. Model Ship Builder Price: 1 year: $23; 2 years: $43 Address: Phoenix Publications, Inc. P. O. Box 128 Cedarburg, WI 53012 Phone: 414-377-7888 Scale Auto Enthusiast Frequency: bi-monthly (6 issues per year) Price: $16/year (US), $28/year US 1st class delivery; $20/year (Canada/Mexico); $23/year (surface) to rest of world, $46/year (airpost) to rest of world (all prices in US $). Address: PO Box 100167 Milwaukee, WI 53210 phone: 414-783-7723, fax: 414-783-7710 Description: The "bible" of US auto modeling - lots of color photos, contest coverage, how-to articles, product announcements, industry news, regular columns on kit reviews, trucks, racing cars, commercial vehicles, 1/43 scale kits/builtups, classifieds, and *the* source of speciality product advertising. Motor Racing Replica News Frequency: bi-monthly Price: $15/year (US); $16.50/year (Canada); $22/year (airpost) to rest of world (all prices in US $). Address: Motor Racing Replica News 1077 Bennett Way San Jose, CA 95125 Description: The magazine is all black and white, with nice heavy glossy stock for the cover. If you want serious information for modeling historic racing cars, this magazine is great. Scale Aircraft Modelling Frequency: [not sure, they have been resurrected, not sure if following info is current] Scale Models Frequency: Monthly Address: NEXUS Media Ltd Nexus House Boundary Way Hemel Hempstead Herts HP2 7ST England Phone: (0442) 66551 Subscriptions: one/two years: UK GBP19.20/38.40, Europe GBP25.10/50.20, Overseas GBP27.10/54.20 or USD55/110 Address: Scale Models Argus Subscription Services Queensway House 2 Queensway Redhill Surrey RH1 1QS England In USA: Wise Owl Worldwide Publications 4314 West 238th Street Torrance CA 90505 USA (213)375-6258 Description: Covers almost any subject: Aircraft, military and civilian, armour, cars, figures, science fiction, ships. Kit reviews, news, modelling techniques. Skyways Magazine Frequency: Quarterly Address: Leonard Opdyke, Editor/Publisher 15 Crescent Road Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 U.S.A. (914) 473-3679 Subscription: Sample Issue $4 Contribution/Subscription Minimum $25 per year Description: The same publisher as WWI Aero. A smaller quarterly publication devoted to aircraft from 1920 to 1940, including a model section. Many unusual features, like photos, plans and specifications of an early Me-109 captured during the Spanish Civil War. Smoke Trails: Quarterly Journal of the F-4 Phantom II Society Frequency: Quarerly Price: $25.00/year ($6.50 for single copy) in the USA Address: F-4 Phantom II Society P.O.Box 900174 San Diego, CA 92190-0174 Description: Contains stories about the F-4 and material pertaining to the history of the aircraft, including insignia, modeling, unit histories, aircraft histories in addition to book and magazine reviews. Address: Rolling Thunder Productions 1806 Milmont Dr., #245 Milpitas, CA 95035 USA Phone: (408) 262-8831 FAX: (408) 263-0745 Price: $18.00/year in the U.S., $25.00/year in Canada, Mexico, and others (US funds) Description: This is for the treadheads out there. It is a magazine devoted to armor. Construction articles, reviews, and things armor are the fare. The folks who run it also have a mail order business that is advertised in the magazine. Founder is Rich Sullivan. WWI Aero Frequency: Quarterly Address: Leonard Opdyke, Editor/Publisher 15 Crescent Road Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 U.S.A. (914) 473-3679 Subcription: Sample Issue $4 Contribution/Subscription Minimum $25 per year Description: A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To WWI and Earlier aeroplanes. The *fat* (typically about 150 pages) magazine has a model section, too. Chock full of photographs, scale drawings and more. Many plans are original factory drawings. A clearing house for member's wants and disposals -- from old books and original plans to WWI Rotary Engines and complete, flying, full- size aircraft. A must if you are into WWI Aeroplanes. A list of museums that provide sources of research. Davies Monthon Air Force Base (DMAFB) & Aerospace Maintenance Phone: (602)750-3900 Notes: Reservations required. Tour takes about 1 - 1.5 hours. Tours by bus. Leaving the bus during the tour is not permitted, but photo stops to take pictures through the windows are made. National Air And Space Museum Address: NASM Archives Division Room 3100 MRC 322 Washington, DC 20560 Info: Send them a letter requesting info on no more than 3 aircraft. They will respond (hopefully) within 2 weeks on what info is available. You then send a check & they ship the stuff via UPS. The prices quoted were very nominal - something like $0.35 square foot for reproducing large size plans. The drawings are generally $3 - $7, depending upon size and number of sheets. I ordered a couple of planes which came with 3-4 different sheets. There is a $3.50 UPS shipping charge.There are approximately 150 different aircraft available. Pima Air Museum Address: Tuscon Air Museum Foundation of Pima County 6000 E. Valencia Tuscon, Arizona 85706 Phone: (602)574-0462 Notes: No reservations required. a/c include an SR-71 and the B-29 Sentimental Journey. Titan Missile Museum. Phone: (602)791-2929 Notes: Reservations recommended. Located about 45 min south of the Pima museum. A one hour tour of the only remaining Titan missle silo (with a training missle). Most of the place is open. Photograph is allowed. Someone posted that there is a list of space and aviation museums that has been put together by Bill Standerfer. If you are out there, maybe we can include it in the next FAQ. * submitted by (Ken Kranz) National Museum of Naval Aviation Address: Museum of Naval Aviation Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL 32508 Phone: (904) 452-3604 Emil Buehler Naval Aviation Library Museum of Naval Aviation Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL 32508-5402 Phone: (904) 452-8451 Fax: (904) 452-3296 Notes: Open 9-5 CST every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's; free. A spectacular museum for anyone interested in Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard aircraft from the dawn of naval aviation to the present. This place has to be seen to be believed. It was opened in 1962, more than doubled in size in 1990, and is currently undergoing another 50% expansion (to include an IMAX theater). There are over 100 planes on exhibit (most of which are indoors), including such rareties as the first Curtis pusher, the NC-4, a PBY, and a Zero. There is a great lighter than air section complete with a furnished gondola from a Navy Blimp and a section on the space program. To give an idea of the scale of the facility, there are four A-4s in Blue Angels trim hanging in the 7-story atrium. There are also outdoor exhibits that include large flying boats (Consolidated and Martin), transports, and other large aircraft. The quality of the aircraft restoration work and the displays are at least as good as the NASM, but things are spread out more so it is much more pleasant an experience. Much of the work is done by volunteers (Pensacola is the home to many retired Navy personnel), and the collection is increasing in size all the time. They have found a new source for WWII aircraft - they are fishing them out of Lake Michigan! Currently under restoration are a SBD-2 Dauntless (there are already three on display - two completely restored and one from Lake Michigan preserved as it was found in a remarkably effective exhibit simulating an underwater scene), a SB2U-2 Vindicator (none currently on display) and a TBD-1 Devastator (the only one in the world on dry land). (The TBD-1 is significant because its swan song was at Midway. The U.S. torpedo pilots who suffered such horrendous losses were flying these.) The library is open to the public and houses a large (and growing) collection of resources, including photo files, books, technical journals, maps, and plans, as well as special collections of donated personal papers, daries, etc. There is an online computer catalog of resources and a link to other "Online Computer Library Center" member instutions. There is also a well-stocked gift shop with a good selection of books and an assortment of models. In addition to the full-size aircraft, there are many models of aircraft scattered throughout the museum. There is a section devoted to aircraft carriers that includes many beautiful large scale models, the most spectacular of which is a 20-foot long builder's model of a WWII carrier constructed entirely of clear plexiglass (complete with every interior bulkhead and 50 or so F6Fs and TBMs). Amazing! For anyone whose interests run to naval aviation (or just to airplaces) this museum is highly recommended. It is especially helpful to be able to see the color schemes of the Navy's planes as they changed over time. For someone trying to model an aircraft painted in the spectacular (but somewhat puzzling to the uninitiated, as I was) pre-WWII colors, its an invaluable resource - there are probably half a dozen examples in the museum. It is also useful to see the same plane wearing different colors, e.g., Navy vs. Marine, or Navy pre-WWII vs WWII combat colors. The museum is home to a large model show and swap meet typically held in late November. (I do not know the dates for this year's event). Last year'e event included tours through the restoration facility. November 10-11 is also the Blue Angels' homecoming airshow. This is quite a show, but unbelievably crowded. Major injection molded kit manufacturers and their distributers. Fujimi In the US, contact: Model Rectifier Corporation 200 Carterzaxive Edison, NJ 08817 Hasegawa In the US, contact: Marco Polo Import 532 S. Coralridge Place City of Industry, CA 91746 Phone: (818) 333-2328 FAX: (818)333-7870 Revell Contact: Revell, Inc. Consumer Service Department 395 North Third Avenue Des Plaines, IL 60016 (Modeling tip hotline (800) 833-3570)
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