Accenting panel lines

A nice way I've found to accent the panel lines is to mix a solution of drawing ink and water. I don't have a mixing ratio, but 1:1 is about right. I use Pelikan grey drawing ink instead of black; this seems to make the lines a little less stark against the background colours. The nice thing about this method is that it's real easy to remove when you make a mistake, or the stuff 'blobs' in the wrong area. I apply the wash with either a wide (1/4") brush or a plain old Q-Tip, and I keep Q-tips and Kleenex handy to wick off the excess ink. The whole wing, tail, or whatever gets coated with the wash, and this prevents puddle marks on the model. Good luck and good modelling.

Steve Sauve
IPMS Ottawa, Canada
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rec.models.scale, 14 May 1995