NASA Decal Sheet

Decal sheet I thought I'd pass on some news on a new decal available from the IPMS chapter Northern Scale Modelers. This outstanding decal offers both NASA and NACA logos in a variety of styles. The sheet covers the early winged NACA logos, the NASA meatball, NASA "wurm" and the latest NASA "swoosh" logos. These are in a variety of scales, and in the case of the wurm, a variety of colors. The quality of the art work is impressive! Also on the sheet is a selection of registration numbers applicable for a variety of aircraft. Included with the decal sheet is a 12 page booklet plus a single sheet addition giving a lot of options (including references and pictures) for different NASA aircraft. While most of us know about the NASA T-38s and F-104s, here is info on some of NASA's F-18s, F-14, C-130, T-34B, etc. I'm into modeling NASA's aircraft as the color schemes sure beat lo vis anyday! (plus a civilian F-4 phantom really stands out on the model table!). I just wish I had this sheet when I modeled the NASA T-37B for the 1995 Nationals!

If you are interested, here's the ordering info:

Northern Virginia Modelers
Sherman J. Collings
3313 Pathway Ct.
Falls Church, VA 22042 USA

Each sheet is $7.00 postpaid, $8.50 foreign. You can also order this from Meteor Products in Virginia. Have Fun!

Mike Idacavage