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Manufacturer: Rho Models
Name: Shuttle-C
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 8 resin pieces
1 styrene tube
Comments: The main body of the rocket is represented by the styrene tube. Resin pieces include a solid nose cone, aft section and OMS pods, a hollow-cast rear adapter, and semi-hollow engine bells. There are some pinholes in the resin parts. The nose cone and rear adapter pieces have finely recessed panel lines. The instructions include a history and technical data of the concept, an exploded view of the parts, and a three view drawing as well as a painting guide. The text instructions are clear and contain an option for a two or three engine version. If you want to model the complete stack, you'll need to get the SRBs and ET from the Revell (or other 1:144 scale) shuttle kit. The box had a photo of the completed kit with the SRBs and ET that helps with assembly and painting.
Other reviews: Review by Bill Paul, IPMS/USA Modeler's Journal, Vol. 8, No. 4, May/June 1994
Reference price: $20.00

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Sven Knudson