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Manufacturer: Rho Models
Name: Delta II
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 26 resin pieces
styrene rod
Instruction sheet
Comments: The resin parts (with the exception of the main engine bell) are solid, with crisply molded details, a slick surface finish, along with a few airholes. Small indentions in the first stage and each solid rocket booster need to be drilled out and bits of the included plastic rod inserted for attaching the SRBs to the core. Rod is also used to form the side attachment struts between the SRBs and core. Parts are included for either the 10 foot composite fairing used for Iridium launches or the payload fairing used for the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Pathfinder launchers. The instructions include a short program history, text assembly and painting instructions, a reference list, and a graphical paint and decal guide. Detail drawings are also included to show how to attach the SRBs to the core. The decals include a white background that must be applied first, then the color decal is to be applied on top of the white decal. Decals are included for the Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, and a generic Iridium launch vehicle.
Reference price: $37.00

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Sven Knudson