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Manufacturer: ReHeat Models
Name: Yuri Gagarin - Soviet Cosmonaut
Scale: 120 mm
Kit contents: 11 resin pieces
2 resin base pieces
Comments: The kit parts are solid chunks of finely molded resin with soft to crisp details and no visible airholes. The Gagarin figure is a single piece, but the face doesn't really resemble Gagarin... but it's hard to tell since the communications headgear is molded in place. The seat consists of the main seat with parachute detail molded into the top and rivet details molded all around, a bottom section, two ejection rockets, and six 'castors' (for lack of a better word) that rode the rails in the Vostok capsule. A two piece stand is included to display the seat in a upright position. There are no instructions included with the kit: you'll have to use the box cover photo of an assembled and painted kit as your only guide unless you can dig up some references somewhere.

Part views

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Sven Knudson