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Manufacturer: ReHeat Models
Name: Alan Shepard, Jr. Apollo 14 Astronaut
Scale: 120 mm
Kit contents: 19 resin pieces
1 resin base piece
1 metal part
instruction sheet
Comments: The parts are finely molded, with no signs of air bubbles. The major parts are keyed to fit only one way, so assembly should be pretty straight-forward. Some of the parts have no pour plugs; others will need to have their plugs removed before assembly. The base includes keys for properly placing the figure and the golf ball molded on a small mound of 'moon dust.' The club itself is represented by a white metal part: be careful with it, since it's really easy to bend. The instruction sheet shows detailed placement of the backpack hoses, EMU control, and checklist. A color photo of the completed kit on the box cover helps as an assembly and painting guide.

Part views

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Sven Knudson