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Manufacturer: Red Iron Models
Name: Soviet Luna-3 Probe
Scale: 1:35
Kit contents: 12 resin parts
resin base
11 photoetched parts
clear acetate
Comments: The resin parts are molded with crisp details and no visible airholes. Most of the parts are solid while the main body is a hollow cylinder to cut down weight. All parts are still on their pour plugs with an part number molded next to the part. The photoetched parts are also identified by part numbers etched next to the part. The clear acetate must be cut to represent the camera lens. The wire must be straightened and cut to length to represent antennae. The instructions consist of a series of exploded assembly drawings with text callouts in English and Russian. There is no painting guide, but the overall probe color should be silver, with the solar cells dark blue or black.
Order from: Red Iron Models
email: Redironmodels@gmail.com
web: http://www.redironmodels.com/en.html
(as of 8/4/20)

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