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Manufacturer: RealSpace Models
Name: Voyager
Scale: 1:24
Kit contents: 59 resin pieces
27 photo-etched parts
1 vacuformed part
metal tubing
metal rod
resin base
Comments: The resin parts are very crisply molded with a slick surface finish and no visible airholes. They are still attached to their pour plugs which must be removed before assembly. The main antenna is represented by a nicely vacuformed piece. Location dimples show where the supports are to be attached, along with a piece that must be removed for the sun sensor window. The photoetched parts make up the science and RTG booms and various other supports. Each part has an identifying letter etched next to it which are called out in the instructions. Metal tubing and rod of various diameters are also supplied that must be cut to form other supports. Templates are provided in the instruction sheets. The instructions are multi-part drawings breaking the model down into subassemblies. Text notations supplement the drawings and details are provided where necessary. Each drawing also includes painting instructions for the parts. The instructions also include an explanation for the Voyager record cover which is represented by a photoetched part and also duplicated on the resin base.
Order from: RealSpace Models
813 Watt Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32303

email: realspace@nettally.com
web: http://www.realspacemodels.com/
(as of 07/05/00)

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