RealSpace Models parts upgrades

Utilizing 3D printing to make new masters, RealSpace Models has started upgrading a lot of the parts in their extensive line of kits. Glenn's 3D Guy (he prefers to remain anonymous) generated the 3D models and was kind enough to send me some test castings of the new parts. Since they're test castings, they might have some flaws. But they are certainly good enough to see how much more detailed and accurate the new parts are compared to the original parts. For example, the horizon sensors are molded into the new 1/72 scale Mercury capsules while they were non-existent in the original kit parts. So I'll let the photos below do most of the talking about the new parts. In most cases, I've posed the test castings of the new parts next to the original kit parts. The test castings are in white resin, while the original parts are in amber resin. I didn't have the original 1/72 scale orbital versions of the Mercury and Gemini available, though, as they are currently on my workbench. You'll just have to check out the original kit review photos (sad as they are) for comparison. But trust me, you'll love the new parts!

1/72 scale launch vehicle parts views

1/72 scale orbital spacecraft parts views

1/144 launch vehicle parts views

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Sven Knudson