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Manufacturer: RealSpace Models
Name: Saturn 1B
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 56 resin parts
14 photoetched brass parts
9 white metal parts
8 brass tubes
styrene strip
instruction sheet
Comments: This kit can be built into one of four different versions: a launch vehicle for a Block I Apollo CSM, a launch vehicle for a Block II Apollo CSM, the Apollo 5 launch vehicle (unmanned test of the LM), or as an unmanned test vehicle (SA-201 thru SA-203). The resin kit parts are crisply molded with sharp details, smooth surface finishes, and no visible airholes. Most of the resin parts are solid. However, the interstage section is hollow, along with the base of the second stage, to allow the stages to separate and show off the great detail in the J-2 engine area of the second stage. The brass tubes make up the outer tanks of the first stage: they fit into resin upper and lower keyed sections to facilitate assembly. The fins are made of white metal: make sure they are flattened before attaching to the first stage. The LES tower is formed from several photoetched parts. Photoetched brass and small resin parts form the antennae on the first stage of the launch vehicle. The instructions include a graphical part inventory, although a few parts aren't included on the drawing... The pour plugs for the resin parts are shown as grayed areas to show you what needs to be removed before assembly. Construction of the kit is broken down into multi part graphic and textual steps. The smaller resin parts still on their 'trees' are called out by letters in the instructions, making it easy to see where they should go. Each subassembly drawing also includes a painting guide for the parts in the subassembly. A four view drawing also is included (taken from the David Weeks drawing set) to help with final assembly, painting, and decaling. Decals for all Saturn 1B versions are also included in the kit.
Order from: RealSpace Models
813 Watt Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32303

email: realspace@nettally.com
web: http://www.realspacemodels.com/
Price (as of 3/30/99) $100.00

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