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Manufacturer: New Ware
Name: Saturn V Detail Set
Scale: 1:96
Kit contents: 82 resin parts
134 photoetched parts
Comments: This set is meant to correct the inaccuracies of the Revell 1/96 Saturn V kit. The kit instructions mention that for even more accuracy, the RealSpace Models 1/96 Apollo CSM and the New Ware Models NWD001 decal set should also be used. The resin parts are very finely cast, with crisply molded detail right down to the rivets in the fins. There are no visible airholes in my sample. The resin parts include a new first stage heat shield, engine fairings, fins, conduits, ullage rockets, retrorockets, second stage heat shield and thrust structure details. They are still mounted on their pour sheets, so will have to be carefully removed by sanding. Photoetched parts are included on two brass sheets and supply fly-away umbilical plugs, thrust structure details, access panel covers, and details for the SLA and CSM, if you choose to convert the Block I CSM in the Revell kit. (If you choose to do that, you can also get this detail set with the RealSpace Models vacuformed Boost Protect Cover for $10 extra.) The instructions are broken down in to wraparound drawings of each stage, showing where the resin and photoetched parts go on the Revell kit. Small detail drawings are included where necessary, such as folding instructions for some of the photoetched parts. A single sided color scheme of SA-506 (Apollo 11) is also included which also shows the placement of the decals from both the New Ware Space Decal Set and the extra marking decals included in this set. It is highly recommended (and the instructions point this out) that the modeler consult both John Duncan's Apollo-Saturn web pages and the David Weeks drawing set available from RealSpace Models.
Order from: New Ware
ing. Tomas Kladiva
Klimkova 5
710 00 Slezska Ostrava
email: tom.nwkits@seznam.cz
web: http://www.mus.cz/~ales/newware/
(as of 12/6/10)
$109.00 plus shipping
($10 additional for optional vacuformed Boost Protect Cover)

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