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Manufacturer: New Ware
Name: R-7 Sputnik 1 Launch Vehicle detail set
Scale: 1:144
Kit contents: 34 resin parts (some are extras)
17 photoetched parts
mask materials

This kit provides parts to detail the R-7 Sputnik 1 launch vehicle using the APEX, AER Moldova, Maquette, or Eastern Express R-7 kit as the base. Replacement engine nozzles, fins, strap on booster locks and braces and a nose cone are provided. The resin parts are finely cast, with crisp details. All parts need to be removed from their pour plugs. Also provided is a set of masks to properly scribe the missing panel detail on the core. The instructions show what parts of the base kit need to be removed, including shortening the core. Multiple drawings clearly show how to replace the original kit parts with the more accurately provided parts. Detailed instructions are also included on how to use the masks for engraving the core panel detail. Not provided in the kit is some fine wire to represent Sputnik's antennae. But the instructions show what size the wire should be. The kit is also available with optional stencil decals.

This kit has been superceded by the R-7 Sputnik 1 resin kit.

Reference Price:
(as of 3/6/10)
$15.00 ($22.00 if including decals)

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Sven Knudson