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Manufacturer: New Ware/Kora Models
Name: R-2
Scale: 1:72
Kit contents: 44 injection molded parts
3 resin parts
Comments: This kit combines the 1/72 scale injection molded V-2 kit from Condor with one resin part to depict the first improved Soviet ballistic missile based on V-2 technology. The injection molded parts will need a bit of cleanup after removing them from the part trees. The resin parts include a cylindrical section to elongate the V-2, a new nose cone to replace the V-2's, and a triangular part to represent some sort of fairing. The nose and fairing are solid, while the cylindrical section is a hollow cast tube to save weight. All resin parts have a smooth surface finish, no visible air holes and are still attached to their pour plugs. In addition to the Condor instructions for building the V-2 is a sheet that shows where to cut the V-2 and where to add the resin parts. A short program history and paint and guide with schemes for the test and operational versions complete the additional instruction sheet.
Reference Price: $12.00

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Sven Knudson