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Manufacturer: New Ware
Name: Apollo Command Module Interior
Scale: 1:32
Kit contents: 71 photoetched parts
Comments: The kit parts are all photo-etched brass which are intended to supplement the Monogram 1/32 scale Apollo Command Module kit (which has just been discontinued as of December 1998). The etched detail on the parts is first-rate. Parts are also included to replace the dish portion of the Service Module's high gain antenna, but you'll have to find a slightly concave form to give them their proper shape. Several pages of instructions show which Monogram kit parts the new photoetched parts are to be attached, along with painting details and folding directions for those parts that must be shaped.
Order from: New Ware
ing. Tomas Kladiva
Klimkova 5
710 00 Slezska Ostrava
email: tom.nwkits@seznam.cz
web: http://www.mus.cz/~ales/newware/
(as of 12/6/10)

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